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Post  lindsay on Sat Oct 06, 2007 5:32 pm

Rules of Students Melting Pot forum

Here some rules simple to apply and which will facilitate the life of all. Their objective is to make it possible to maintain user-friendliness between the members, while allowing useful exchanges.

- the discussions are limited to the subjects described in the presentation of each forum of discussion. The posts "except subjects" could be removed.

- All forums, apart exception are moderate a posteriori. If one of your messages contravenes the rules of the forum it will be even published removed by one of moderators.
In the case of repeated abuses, the moderator will be able to invalidate your account and password, without having to be justified.

Identification of members by address mail and IP:

You are responsible for the remarks which you make on this forum. We are thus held to ensure a certain "traceability" of the authors of the messages. To this end, the inscription is subordinated to the existence of a valid address mall, and one or more IP addresses associated with the member identifiable.

Choose a suitable title:

The title of your message is very important. It is him which will give desire to another member for reading it, and to help you. Thus increase your chances to obtain assistance by avoiding the titles "Help", "With the helps" and comparable.

Respect your interlocutors:

Express correctly: the usual language of this forum is english, not the "chat" or the "SMS". The sentences such as "what R U doin, how R U tod8" will not encourage to answer you.

Typographical enrichments:

They are placed at the disposal to emphasize a part of your message. The standard police force agrees very well for the majority of the contents, useless all to put in sharp red cuts 36 points, you will not have a faster response for as much. And also, pity for us, DO NOT SHOUT by putting all your message in capital letters. It is one of the basic rules of the
netiquette. The smiley are there for the fun, but do not misuse it...


Two links in signature are allowed. The texts of signatures must be short.

Thank those which help you:

That can seem obvious, but it is forgotten easily that the answer read in 2 minutes perhaps required of your interlocutor much more time to be formulated. Perhaps it even tried hard to make a research only for you. The minimum is to thank it for its answer if it brings the hoped solution to you.

Prohibited subjects:

The discussions relating to illegal subjects do not have their place on the forums . In particular, as a member you engage with never poster all things which you would know false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, incentive with hatred, badgering, obscene, directed sexually, revealing the private life of a person, or opposite with the laws. You accept not poster of the objects subjected to royalty unless even did not hold these forums or you this right.

Warnings, Banishment, Refusal of an inscription

All post contravening the rules of the forum could be:
- published by a regulator.
- or unobtrusive.
If they consider it useful, the regulators can address warnings to you.
In the event of serious problem, you can be banished forum, which means that your account will be removed, and that you will not be able any more to re-register you.
The banishment can be or not preceded by one or more warnings.
The regulators and admins can also be brought to refuse the inscription of members whose presence could create disorders in the communities.

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